Monday, August 17, 2009


Fi and I flew into Sydney this afternoon. We were picked up at the airport by a very dear mentor of mine Jenny. We are staying with Jen this week while we are here for the Stitches & Craft Show. We drove through Newtown and then caught the train into the city and went straight to Kinokuniya - blown away with all the goodness - resisted temptation to buy 1000's of $ worth and just purchased one Japaneese Cath Kidston that came with a cool little bag. After dark Jenny took us for a ride over the Harbour Bridge to check out some sights - Sydney is a very pretty town.

Issue 10 has been posted today! - all before I drove to the airport.
Subscribers, retailers and buyers - all gone. Please feel free to write on in and give me some feedback would ya? Sime and I busted our chops to push this issue forward a month so we could have it ready for Stitches. We printed 1500 again and I have 600 to sell in Sydney - how cool would it be to sell out whilst here!? Pop down to the show - it's on this Wednesday until Sunday and there are over 40 indie business in the incubator section --- oh my I can hardly wait... I am soooo pumped to hang with the peeps I already know and looking forward to meeting lots & lots & lots of new crafty souls.

Oh and thanks to Sime who is playing Mr Mum this week while I am up here - you are a good man I tell ya!!