mixtape is a craft maga(ZINE) about making time for the small things!
mixtape is a collision of craft, eco-cool and pop culture kitsch.

mixtape began sometime in early 2007. Our very first issue was photocopied and we printed 300 copies. They sold out quickly and the demand grew so we purchased a laser jet printer to be able to print from home.  We printed from home until Issue 7 where it was out of control (printing and collating up to 800 copies of each issue) and we had to decide what the next step was going to be.  Issues 1-7 are available as PDF’s ONLY for $5 each.

The next step was  to send Issue 8  to a printer  and print 1500 outright!
Issue 8 was our first full colour professionally printed issue and has since sold out (yep it's a collectors item!) We have not looked back since then!  We only ever do one print run of each issue (2000 copies as of Issue 11)

We ship ALL around the world and our articles are written by people all over the world!

Mixtape is all put together from our home in Melbourne, Australia. 
My husband Simon designs the zine, my sister inlaw is the assistant editor/proofer, we have a handful of peeps that write in every issue. 

mixtape accepts submissions from anybody! You just have to be passionate about the topics you are writing about.

Advertising pays us pocket money! So if you have a small indie business email us to find out about rates for web/print.
Justine Telfer