henry doll
Trying to work out what “craft project” we could provide for The Trip (RRR Subscriber magazine) readers, turned out to be more fun than I first thought.
We were going to do a cushion tutorial or a zipper purse tutorial, but they just weren’t sitting right.
Simon suggested a plush voodoo doll – we laughed – we bantered around for a bit more and I suggested a Henry Wagons Doll. I emailed Henry and he wrote back and said, “Awesome!” So off we went...
We have the inkjet printable fabric for sale in our shop if that's what you choose to use for Henry (otherwise iron on transfer paper is just as cool
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We commissioned Shannon to do the first ever cover, Shannon went on to draw for each and every issue.

Mixtapezine was a craft zine that was first published in August 2007.  Started by myself & Nichola, it ran for 3 1/2 years and we produced 15 issues.  We based our idea on the US craft zine CROQ  There was not alot out in the market place when we started BUT now there is sooooo much goodness.  Over the coming months I will be loading up back Issues of mixtapezine to share with you all.  Although it is no longer published I think it‘s important that it remains as a part of history.

Enjoy the timelessness of them all.