Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello lovelies,

So yesterday afternoon I was packaging and sta
mping the many subscriptions to be sent out of the new issue of Mixtape! I was double tasking by entertaining Molly while Justine worked. Molly traced my foot and my hand and drew a lovely tree and a puppy for me, she has so much energy it's inspiring. My aunts and uncles call me Milly Molly Mandy, is it meant to be?

This morning I was the Mixtape courier, dropping of the fresh new issue of Mixtape to the lovely places that stock it. I couldn’t resist a cupcake from Little Cupcakes in Degraves Street on the way back to the car park from Sticky. I read a few cute zine’s in Sticky and was inspired to write more of my thoughts down. Then off I couriered to Greville Street Bookstore where I could no longer resist the purchase of Curvy. I’ve been meaning to buy it for months, I'm in awe of all the ladies in it. It is such an inspiration and I was particularly excited to see some of the ladies whose work I had seen at Gallery 696 in it. In the bookstore I was listening in to a conversation between the bookstore owner and some customers. They wanted a book about art deco because they were redecorating.

‘oh we didn’t realise there was an art deco exhibition on last year, is it an annual thing’

my jaw dropped

‘no it was the winter show at the NGV last year, it changes every year, this year it’s Salvador Dali’

‘Oh we didn’t no about the Dali exhibition’

I almost collapsed in disbelief.

Then I had to remind myself that there are people from all walks of life and that it’s okay for not everyone to be interested in the ‘arts’.
Do you ever listen into other conversation? I’m so terrible, I love listening, I’ll stop listening to my own conversations to listen to complete strangers conversations!

Anyway, anyway, anyway. I hope your Saturday was as lovely as mine. I hope your all enjoying getting Mixtape in the mail or picking it up from all the lovely places that stock it. Chai and bedtime now.

Sending big Saturday Night love from the Intern.