Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This little Intern went to market...


Sorry for the lack of blog last week! It was my last week of University for the semester and it was awfully hectic.

So to my Blog...

To complement the article in the brand spanking new issue of Mixtape, To Market To Market by Martine Booth, I would blog, not about setting up your own stall, but rather about some lovely people making and selling some lovely things that I am discovering at markets on the weekends.

I think we should all support this local talent, not only by buying their products, but also through spreading their names through word of mouth and offering encouragement. I think it takes real guts to firstly set up a stall with no guarantee of a profit and then to keep coming back weekend after weekend simply for a passion in craft, especially as we venture into the cold, cold winter months.

This will be an on going blog, so if you think there are any markets I should venture to or people I should meet do leave me a comment!

The first person I had the pleasure of meeting was Tiare Pearson at the Camberwell Market who trades under the name Septum Ahoy!

Q & A with Tiare!

How long has your business, Septum Ahoy, existed for? About two years.

What do you make and sell? I'm mostly known for my jewelry; I create affordable hand made pieces out of all kinds of fun things such as glass, game pieces, laser cut wood and lots of vintage bits n bobs. But I also make other stuff for my brand like silk screened cushions, gift tags, prints and even terrariums.

How many markets have you set up stall at? About 25. Give or take.

What got you stared on the market circuit? When I finished high school crafting became an obsession and I was soon running out of space (and money!), so I had to clear out. And holding a market store seemed a perfect solution. It did take some encouragement though. Like most people, I was doubtful of any success and couldn't see people parting with their hard earned money just for my jewelry. But you never know how you’re going to go if you don't give it a shot!

What markets do you frequent with your store? I trade mostly at the Foster Arts and Crafts Market and the Camberwell Market.

Do you have a day job? Yep. I'm an apprentice florist.

What makes your stall and the items in it special? I don't know if it's all that special, but I have had some really good reactions and positive comments. I think to most people, my goods spark a bit of curiosity in them, they find it amusing or different or nostalgic. My pieces are hand made and I like to use as much recycled and vintage components as possible.

Where do you get your inspiration? I mostly get my inspiration from my materials. I love visiting my local haberdashery shop, touching and playing with all the different fabrics and buttons and the same goes for the hardware store. And supermarket. And Bargain store. When I'm looking in any shop or draw or back shed, I try to think about what I can make with that particular object.

Is it inspiring to see other stalls of creative goods? Very inspiring! Its great seeing somebody offering their goods to the public, because creating things can be a very personal endeavor. And I find it very encouraging, especially seeing regular stores week after week, as it shows that the public really appreciates hand made items.

Here is a little taste of what Septum Ahoy are creating

Five of Hearts Pendant

Admit One Token Badge

Admit One Token Badge

If you would like to know more about Septum Ahoy products, stock their products or know where Septum Ahoy is trading next, do send an email to Tiare at: fuddzilla@hotmail.com.

I hope this has given you some inspiration, it surely gave me some.

I'll see you all later in the week,

Love from the Intern xxx