Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello crafty people,

So, although this might sound like a rather macabre way to begin a blog, I have no grandmothers, that is, they are both in heaven.

When my last grandmother passed away I had this great urge to hold onto all of her old books, magazines, fabrics, boxes and bags that she hadn’t opened for years. My family just wanted to send it all to Vinnies or dump it at the tip, but I made the journey to my home town to pick it all up, along with some kitsch 60’s kitchen items, never used clothes, shoes and glowmesh bags. Do all grandmothers have unworn clothes and accessories stockpiled for the next Great Depression? At the time I wasn’t particularly crafty so it was strange that I needed it. It has all been sitting in my shed getting damp and mildewy for a while now. I haven’t quite had the space, nor the time to go through it. Perhaps it was just the comfort of having it there that made me keep it. But today I decided I needed some fabric and I went out into the shed…

Here I discovered a nest of craftiness created over a lifetime of 94 years. Piles of fabric, patterns, wool, thimbles and the biggest bunch of knitting needles I have ever seen. Along with their collections of unused clothes, do all grandmothers have these nests of crafty heritage hidden in their houses? I feel like I am now creating one of my own, buying bits of fabric I have no idea what to do with, or ribbon I ‘may’ use one day.

So, this blog I dedicate to my grandmother’s and to all grandmother’s for having the time, patience and skill to be so wonderfully crafty. You have bestowed in your grandchildren everywhere a creative crafty soul that they must flaunt every day. So Grandmothers, thank you for leaving me the remnants of your nest for inspiration.

I am using some of the very old lovely fabric in the buttons I’m designing for Mix Tape. Keep an eye out for them!

Here are some pics of my grandmother’s things to get you reminiscing and inspired!

lovely old book.

anybody for these lovely 80's knits and models?

For all of you who don’t have your grandmother’s crafty nests to forage through for inspiration here are some links to some lovely vintage fabrics you can purchase or just look at!

The Retro Age - Shop for Vintage Fabrics

Slingfings - Eco Meets Retro
Atomic Textiles - Sublime Vintage Fabrics

I’ll blog again soon!

love manderlee x
p.s... Just thought I’d mention...

For all of you in Melbourne, I’m assuming you have seen the Craft City Melbourne blog spot? It is a ‘directory of local faves’, revelling crafty secrets from around the suburbs and letting us know of up coming events! It’s a beautiful and informative blog; if you haven’t been there do take a little trip over.