Wednesday, May 20, 2009

7 things that make us awesome

The crazy Ginger from Ink&Spindle has tagged mixtape for an awesome blog award.
The deal is that we list 7 things that make us awesome, then tag 7 blogs we love and on it goes...

#1 I sing all the time and love to dance (in private), I can laugh at myself! We constantly have music/radio playing in the house. Our little lady is definately a product of her environment!

#2 I like to think people can trust me with stuff. I am a good listener.

#3 I love seeing people doing what they love and shining as a result.

#4 Red shoes rule the world oh and so does red hair...

#5 I find quilting so very relaxing. Binding especially. Little hexagons even more so and hand applique.

#6 There is nothing else in Australia quite like mixtape and I feel so proud. Proud of all the contributors and readers that keep the wheels turning. I love that is it has a worldwide circulation. It takes the on-line craft community to raise mixtape.

#7 Man this is hard! um I love that most of the time I have good judgement and therefore have beautiful friends (which I am very slack with keeping in touch with).

OK 7 awersooooooome peeps I am passing this onto: