Friday, April 3, 2009

Issue 9 cover - Lisa Solomon

Art kindly donated by the wonderful Lisa Solomon /

The first ever cd swap I participated in was hosted by Lisa. It started off an ongoing thing for me actually. I think I have hosted about 10 cd swaps over the years. May-be it's time to host another? It involves making a mixed cd and sending it to peeps all around the world and in return you get a mixture of cds back. If there is enough interest I will organise one. The theme is "Rockin' Track For Crafty Peeps". Would you like to play? email us at feedbackDOTmixtapezineATgmailDOTcom.

Issue 9 will be out late May at this stage. We will put it up for pre-order late April, we will be printing 2000 limited edition copies.

Don't forget to get your Badge Action On this coming Monday....

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The Drones
Handmade Nation
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