Wednesday, April 1, 2009

mixtape mashup #5

mixtape has just embarked on a joint venture with Whipup. We will both be sharing our ideas, cool links and general goings on.
My aim is to post once a week and give you a "round up" of the week that has been. The post will be put up on the mixtape blog and also on the Whipup blog.
What is mixtape? click here to find out


Get your badge action on! Click here for details. Only 30 packs (Limited Edition) being made up and they go on Sale Monday morning 9AM E.S.T. The first theme is Alice In Wonderland.

Every month we run a past issue article through the kids style website, check it here
We got sent Beci Orpin's sweet Tiny mammoth clothing labels winter range magazine. It's full of sweet things to do with your kidlets, a pull out poster, an interview with Justine Clarke, how to make heart flowers and the list goes on. This is all amongst the cool winter clothes you can purchase. Nice work!
Live in Melbourne? Love coffee? then this is for you!
Cupcake maker or lover? check these out awesome ;) - thanks peta!
Have you seen this great looking tote ready to be fancied up by you?
The latest issue of Bust has been on my desk for the past two weeks. Do you know how much I love this mag? It has EVERYTHING that is interesting to me, craft, music/book reviews, art, pop culture IT IS DIVINE - do you read it?
I've always been a big fan of blogging but I just can't seem to get into Face book or Twitter. What are your thoughts?

That's enough rambling for this week. Happy Easter/Passover. I'll write again in two weeks.