Saturday, February 7, 2009

mail order goodness

picture taken from kingpod
Ok so I'm an Angry Chicken groupie from way back. I have all of her mail orders and oh how I'd get excited when I saw that red envelope arrive in the mail box.
The last couple of mailouts have been PDF's and although it's not the same as getting stuff in the mail they are still real fun to get.
Read about and purchase mailorder 9 here, I just got mine and I'm off to make the slippers! Stay tuned for the end product ( I have picked my fabric out already)...

*on a mixtape note*
We have been asked quite a bit in the past if mixtape will become available to buy as a PDF and the answer is no. I like keeping it old school. We print on 100% recycled paper and try to do our bit to help the environment. There's nothing like holding the zine in your hands. We all have enough time on the internet and I feel mixtape is taking the blog world off the computer and into your hands.
I do however support and buy downloadable PDF 's, it's just not where mixtape will be heading!
check out this rocking mag, their first issue is free as a PDF and from now on it will be in hard copy.