Monday, November 3, 2008

signature quilt

Earlier this year we decided to start up our "blog meets" again. We had held a few in 2007 and thought we'd start them up again under the "mixtogether" umbrella. We have held 3 so far and the 4th one is coming up on Dec 6. One of the craft things we do is ask everyone who attends to add a "touch of craft" to our signature quilt. This way we have a record of all the crafty souls that we have crossed paths with. I also asked all the ladies I went away with on my yearly "quilting week-end" to be involved. We are still waiting on a few but this is them all so far:

If you have contributed and can't see your square here please email me. No doubt it will be hiding in one of the many plastic tubs here at mixtape headquarters!

Would you like to be a part of this? Add a touch of your craftiness? email us with SIGNATURE QUILT as the topic and we will send you the details.