Friday, July 2, 2010

You wanted to know...

Who is behind mixtape?
Me, Justine Telfer - just your average 30 something chick who wanted to create a craft/lifestyle magazine that I would want to read.  I love the online craft community and wanted everyone to be able to experience it the good old fashion way ( in hard copy form).  I am hugely influenced by BUST magazine and CROQzine.

old packing zine

What is mixtape?
 mixtape is a self published magazine.  It's a collision of art/craft and pop culture kitsch.  It is written by everyday crafters for everyday crafters.
It is put together in our humble Melbourne abode.  We are a husband and wife team with a handful of regular writers and a selection of different contributors every issue.   We rely on YOU to get involved to keep us moving forward.

How long has mixtape been going?
mixtape has been going since August 2007. My friend and I  started it out as a small photocopied zine, sold a shit load - progressed to a laser printer from Issue 2- printed and collated each and every issue up until Issue 8 where we outsourced the printing to keep up with the demand.  We do ONE print run of 2000.

old packing zine
How often does mixtape come out?
mixtape is published roughly every  quarter! We do ONE print run of 2000.  It is packed all from home and posted with love!

Where can I buy mixtape ?
in our shop OR one of our fine retailers

Can you subscribe to mixtape?
YES you can!  In fact that is what keeps us going.
4 issues of mixtape per subscription. Your subscriptions begins with the issue you nominate. We will send you a reminder to resubscribe when we post your 4th issue.
We do ONE print run of 2000 - you will NEVER miss out. Subscribe here

I have and article/idea/illustration to submit
Click here for rough guidelines and or email Justine -  I am open to ALL suggestions.

I'd like to support mixtape by advertising  (print or web).
Send us the link to your site/business  and we will send you the current rate card. . We only have 10 pages of ads per issue - so get to it!

I'd like to stock mixtape, how do I go about it?
Send us the link to your site/business  and we will send you an order form with all the details. .  We do ONE print run of 2000.

Got any more Q's?  email me...