Monday, July 5, 2010

WHO -Regular Contributor - Kathreen

WHO -Regular Contributor - Kathreen

Q1.The name of my blog

Q2. What's you craft poison
Have been mad on quilting just lately with a book just out and another on the way - quilting for me is about getting energised and pouring out my design ideas - its a crazy adrenaline filled process - but for pure pleasure it must be crochet. The rhythm  just lulls me into a state of meditative calm.

Q3. Two books you can't live without
Cook books are my weakness - and I can spend hours getting inspiration for a gourmet dinner that usually ends up as scrambled eggs. My Stephanie Alexander 'Cooks companion' for essential cooking advice. And Martha Stewart's 'Baking' - so decadent - the croissant recipe works every time.

Q4. Two CD's that would travel to a desert island with you

We made a series of music mixes when we were married and gave them out to guests as presents. I love listening to new music but I still really enjoy the old faves - a mixture of melancholy jazz ladies and experimental 70's German music and a few pop classics too.

Q5. Where do you like to SURF on the net

Oh man - net surfing can suck your brain and your time - I have a zillion blogs on my blog reader, but for pure surfing rather than research I try to stick to my limited regime - the sites I go back to regularly are soulemama for parenting and family inspiration, etsy for retail therapy and TED for life changing inspiration.

Q6 5 things you can't live without
My kiddos and hubby, Coffee + Whiskey, Making things, Silent moments, Music and a Good Book.

Q7  One thing you love about mixtape

Mixtape zine is run by a really groovy chick - a working mum with a great sense of humour with her finger on the pulse of what women want - fun, creativity, groove, art, food, health, love, culture - all the essentials of life - its there in Mixtape!