Sunday, April 18, 2010

WHO -Regular Writers Page #3

October 035

Bianca is an Attention Deficient Crafter, mum to a Smurf and lover of cooking
and baking to make her friends and family feel happy. Named after two of
Bianca's grandparents, is a way to keep track
of miscellaneous craft related adventures be they sewing, knitting, crocheting,
cooking or whatever tickles her fancy - most of which are influenced in someway
by Sadie's very crafty hand.

Q1.The name of my blog
Sadieandlance's five years old this year!

Q2. What's your craft poison
I am an Attention Deficient Crafter, so I couldn't possibly pick one. It's
a known phenomenon, you know, I even started an Association for it. I dabble
in many crafts and my favourite changes often. At the moment it's a toss
up between sewing and crochet.

Q3. Two books you can't live without
Anything by Banana Yoshimoto and any of the Harry Potter series.

Q4. Two CD's that would travel to a desert island with you
Oh no, only two? That's not fair, I think I'd have to smuggle my Ipod onto
the island. Alright, I'll choose The Specials, Best Of to encourage happy
dancing and PJ Harvey Stories from the City Stories from the Sea.

Q5. Where you like to SURF on the net
My bloglines still never fails to deliver me endless hours of clicking adventures
and I also love losing myself in Whip Up.

Q6 5 things you can't live without
Family, Friends, good food, music and something crafty to occupy my thoughts
and hands.

Q7 One thing you love about mixtape
I love that mixtape started in Australia. When I first started blogging,
wasn't a whole lot of craft blogging happening in Australia so it's exciting
to see influential voices like Mixtape bringing the global craft world together
from an Australian base. Plus that Justine lady, she's one rockin'lady.