Monday, April 19, 2010

Craft Books Revisited Part 3 - Readers Digest Complete Guides


I recently pulled my Readers Digest complete guides off the shelf again I had forgotten just how fantastic these books are. They truly are comprehensive guides with excellent and numerous illustrations. They are clearly and simply written and have fantastic step by step instructions to help you learn new techniques and skills.

If you new to sewing or needlework these guides will help answer all those questions that everyone else seems to already know the answer to. They will also provide you with lots of clear examples and help bring you up to speed on terminology and how to use various craft specific gadgets.

These guides have been revised and reprinted numerous times and it is possible to buy copies new. However because they have been reprinted so many times it also means that they regularly turn up in op shops and second hand books stores. They can also be found on Ebay, however the postage can be hefty as they are big heavy books.

happy crafting