Friday, April 16, 2010

WHO - Regular Writers Page

I have introduced a new page on this here blog - Regular Writers.  I will profile the chicks that write for us each and every issue.

First one is Suzie who made me laugh when she responded to my email by saying
- Is this the equivalent of online nesting?! :-)  I'll get right on it!

suzie one of my regular writers

Sooz works, crafts, mothers, teaches, cooks, designs and hangs out on the internet from her home in Melbourne, Australia. Her sewing and knitting have been known to reach obsessional proportions but luckily she has kids and a job to keep her honest.

Q1.The name of my blog

== soozs big adventure 

Q2. What's your craft poison?
 == I love quite a few crafts, but sewing would have to be my number one, can't go past it, suck me in every time craft of choice. Knitting would be a close second.
Q3. Two books you can't live without

 == the latest Ottobre magazine, a fine balance by Rohinton Mistry

Q4. Two CD's that would travel to a desert island with you
 == the happy music mix from last year's CD swap and the K-Tel Music of the 60s, 70s and 80s compendium

Q5. Where you like to SURF on the net
== Can't go past for inspiration and interesting supplies, the new,,, and a disgusting number of craft blogs and fabric and yarn stores!

Q6 5 things you can't live without
==the stash, the sewing machine, my macbook, my iPod, my tea infuser

Q7  One thing you love about mixtape

==it's totally real! It ditches that airbrushed model, 2 hour beauty routine, corporate global advertising campaign and talks to me about the things I see, eat, do, read, hear and look at everyday.