Monday, October 5, 2009

sorry about the quietness!

I've been feeling rather shit for the past few weeks and I finally went to the doctors and found out I have a chest infection. I've been soldiering on all this time when I should have just got myself down to the doctors and nipped this in the bud before now.
Anyhow just wanted to explain the lack of post action - I just have not had the energy.

We have been putting Issue 11 together and it is off to the proofer this week-end - then back for a last minute design check then off it goes to the printer. It will be for sale the middle of Nov 09. I just got the cover artwork from the divine ms gemma jones and it is all I could have hoped for. I will show you a sneak preview now:

This is it! The logo and info need to be dropped in - so this is stage one! I am soo happy and can't wait to release the new size mixtape next month. yippppeee!

Going to

Angelique Tattoo Mystique&

Live Music
The Stems & Huxton Creepers @ The Corner Hotel

Oh how I loved the Huxton Creepers especially this song - Autumn Leaves

Craft Action
I finished the two quilt tops for the kinder auction!