Sunday, July 5, 2009

This little Intern went to market...

So hello lovely’s,

I’m not very good at sleeping in. If I sleep past 8am I usually wake up in a panic because I’m sure I’ve missed something or needed to be somewhere very soon or now! However, I’ve been making an effort, or lack of effort, to sleep in till 12pm this past week and it feels so lovely, especially since it is so cold. I think Mixtape is finally making me realize that I too need to make time for the small things. I also took time to bake this week. I made a lemon cake like the ones my mum used to make when I was small and carefree.

Master Chef styles.

I also did some sewing, fixing up op-shop dresses is undemanding and cheap! However I need sewing lessons, does anyone know of a good sewing school in Melbourne? So thank you Mixtape for making me take time for the small things this last week. I’ll be buying a tote to remind myself of it everyday.

Anyway to the blog...

This week is a Q & A with Theresa Evans from Rummage Style. DO DO DO check out her new online store! Her skirts and dresses are making me feel summery even in the dreary wintery cold. I think I had best buy one to remind me that one day the warm sun will be defrosting my bones in a few months.

How long has Rummage Style existed for?
Rummage Style has been going for about 2 and a half years now.

What does Rummage Style do?
Rummage makes women’s garments from recycled and salvaged vintage materials. They are generally one offs, occasionally a couple are made the same but you can be sure that you won't see someone in the street wearing your same Rummage dress!

How many Markets have you set up stalls at?
I only do Camberwell market each Sunday but have done other markets in the markets and St.Kilda night market.

What got you stared on the Market circuit?
I started selling my old vintage clothes at Camberwell and then moved on the altering them and then eventually into designing my own garments and producing my own label.

What markets do you frequent with your store?
I'm at Camberwell market every Sunday in the same place which means that I have built up a client base that come to me every week so it acts basically like my own little shop front.

Do you have a day job?
I'm a full time mum and before that I was doing Rummage Style full time and still do really. I also have stockists in Melbourne that stock my label so I am kept pretty busy.

What makes your stall and the items in it special?
I think the reason that my garments sell is that they are one offs, and use sustainable practices. People are sick of mass production and want to be individual. But they also want this without paying huge amounts and being environmentally friendly.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from all over the place. I surf the net a lot but also just look at what people like to wear right now...I follow the trends but put my own mark on them.

Is it inspiring to see other stalls of creative goods?
I love seeing other people's store of creative things. I love going to other markets and buying from people who hand make their own things.

love to all of you,

The Intern xxx