Monday, July 6, 2009


Last night I spent an hour on skype with the infectious Jennifer Ackerman Haywood of CraftSanity fame. CraftSanity is a labour of love for Jennifer as is mixtape for me. Jennifer has been a long time supporter of mixtape and I feel absolutely honoured to have been invited to chat with her about all things mixtape.

jennifer - craftsanity

We talked about how mixtape began, my life before mixtape, how I run mixtape and what the future holds. We chatted about our kids and what it's like to juggle a family whilst also trying to fulfil your own personal needs. We talked about taking a leap of faith and following your heart. I have no idea how the podcast is going to sound as I (as always) had so much to say and said it before I got my words together .
So we'll see. It should be up as a podcast by the end of July. I will link to it as soon as I get the details. While I am at it I will also put a link to the RRR interview I did with the grapevine chicks.
Check out all of Jennifers podcasts here - sooooo many amazing peeps to listen to on your computer, while driving or on your ipod whilst doing whatever else it is you need to do!