Friday, June 19, 2009

whip up and mixtape do a dance!

Some exciting news on whipup this week - my little bro Jonathan, IT guru, has developed a web application, for me to make it easier for you, small indie craft businesses, to advertise with whipup. More info at the end of this newsletter for those interested.

Some of my favourite posts this week at whipup were the stop and go felt village for kids: clothesline quilt pattern : the message board tutorial complete with a how to make your own groovy fabric to make it with.

There is a bit of polymer clay theme going on here at whipup - love the mokona - more to come in the next few days.

For around the home - this argyle style fleece throw is very cool.

And a little something for yourself - make this gorgeous leather link necklace.

And something super fun - why not knit a moustache or two!

More information on how advertise easily with Whipup
and grab a bargain while you are at it. If you would like to advertise with whipup but using blogads is too hard, and project wonderful is too expensive then please give this a go. It is still in beta development, so does not have a fancy interface or lots of additional cool features, but those will come. First please feel free to read our advertise page for info about stats etc.

If you are still keen to advertise then scroll down the page - on - to below the google ads - where you will see 'advertise me' above a cute little whipup graphic. Click on that and a lightbox window will pop up. Fill in your details, what size ad you want, upload your graphic (that you have pre-designed to the specs), after your ad is approved you will be invoiced for payment. Once you have paid - your ad will go live. Let me know if you encounter any probs.

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