Thursday, June 18, 2009

The importance of a journal.

Some people are journal devotees others liken a journal to book keeping or filling out a tax return.

I’m in the journal freak/devotee category. I have to keep them for some subjects at University so I’ve really perfected the art of journal keeping, which I am thankful for. Thus I must stress the importance of one to all creatively minded people!

Here is my list of proof;
  1. Journals are good for keeping you’re ideas in. I’m always forgetting ideas so I keep my journal near by so I can record all of my minds day dreams.
  2. Journals help organise ideas and thoughts.
  3. They are good for keeping sketches of things you would like to make in the future.
  4. They are perfect for keeping samples of material, buttons, wool etc you would like to use in future projects.
  5. They are good for keeping inspiration in.
  6. They are good for keeping secret thoughts in.
  7. They are good for documenting previous work in.
  8. You can have a few going at once to support the different facets of your life i.e. mine are; one for Mixtape, one for photography, one for graphic design, one for craft.
  9. They are good for working out all of life’s problems in as they don’t mind what mood your in.
  10. They are good for keeping in your purse and producing when you are waiting around or in traffic etc… it’s much more wholesome and productive than texting or listening to Neil Young’s Old Man for the 76th time on your iPod.
  11. They make you look artsy… and if you subscribe to the whole Andy Warhol- your body is a canvas concept, then a journal is a perfect accessory.
  12. Journals these days are pretty inspiring themselves.
  13. You never have to tidy them up or organise them or tell them to do the dishes.
  14. They don’t mind if you make mistakes in them.
  15. They don’t mind if you don’t keep them updated.

Personally, I have a Moleskine journal, an O’check Design Graphics journal and a RHODIA Top Spiral pad. However I am a big believer in the Australian made, Eco friendly journals. So check out Mainstream Green for some lovely hand printed, 100% recycled journals. Todae is also great for Eco journals and other Eco stationary goodies!

So go and get your journals and have a lovely week lost in its pages. Without mine I’d be so creatively lost.

Love from the Intern xxx