Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This little Intern went to market...again

Hello lovely people,

I've had a lovely week. On Sunday night I baked thirty cupcakes and on Monday morning carted them all the way to NSW on the train to surprise my mother for her birthday! I talk about my mother a lot don't I? She just influences my life so much. Who influences you the most in your life?

So here is my second installment of the people I’m meeting at markets. I met Josh, one half of Fair Weather Friends, a few weeks ago. He has a great sense of humor, which is reflected in the work of Fair Weather Friends. I know it isn't strictly crafty, but it sure is creative. And, I think it is good to get some testosterone into the Mixtape blog, even though the other half of Fair Weather Friends is female. I'm buying one of their shirts for my lovely man for his birthday. I think you should grab one for your special man. And, I already have 3 of their badges, of which my mother and my lovely man have pinched from me already.

Q &A with Josh from Fair Weathered Friends

How long has Fair Weather Friends existed for? Not very long, we started the business in September 2008.

Brief description of what Fair
Weather Friends does? Fair Weather Friends produce Limited Edition Designer T-Shirts and Badges.

How many Markets have you set up stalls at?
5 in total, and we do 2 markets every weekend all year round.

What got you stared on the Market circuit?
It just seemed like the best way to directly access and interact with customers. It’s great being there to see the way people react when they look at our products. Being able to talk to customers about what they like and don’t like about our stuff helps us to make our products better.

What markets do you frequent with your store?
We’re at the Rose Street Artist Markets in Fitzroy every Saturday, & the Camberwell Markets every Sunday, and we also do seasonal markets, like the Rooftop markets during summer.

Do you both have day jobs?
Josh works full time for Fair Weather Friends, and Josie works part time in the Film & TV Industry.

What makes your stall and the items in it special?
Everything we sell is designed, printed, pressed and produced here in Melbourne.

Where do you get your
inspiration from? Like all good scientologists, we get our inspiration from the telepathic space gods of dimension seven. Just kidding. The boring answer is: television, old magazines, Mythology, the interwebs, etc. We try to be open to new ideas and anything and everything that comes along.

Is it inspiring to see other stalls of creative goods? It’s totally inspiring. One of the best things about doing markets is being able to hang out with and talk to other creative people, and see the things that they make (and then sabotage them when they’re not looking.)

Here are some photos of their shirts for your lucky eyes.

Fair Weathered Friends can be found at and at the Rose Street Artist Markets, Camberwell Markets and the Rooftop markets. Do support this wonderful local talent!

Enjoy, I'll see you all later in the week!

Love from the Intern xxx