Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things to do with your mother, sister , partner or best friend.

Hello all you lovely people,

After a sad good bye, involving the holding back of many tears, my mother left this morning after spending 8 days with me in Melbourne. It certainly was NOT a relief to have my cupboards, hanging space and bathroom free of her things but the memory of her in this big, sometimes lonely, city will not cease.

We have made many lovely memories on our expeditions traipsing around the city because my mother, like myself, has a creative spark, and thus when she is down we like to frequent a few places to help satisfy our urges. If you to have this deep creative bond with another, be it your best friend, sister, aunt, grandmother, partner etc… here is an itinerary of a creatively influenced day you can spend together.

The locations can be easily changed to suit your locale! And it doesn’t all have to be done in one day, we certainly can only fit one or two things in because... we are wanderers and easily distracted!

Creatively influenced street - Oh dear, my obsession with Mailing Road, Melbourne, is a little fanatical. It contains the most gorgeous antique shop, beautiful hand crafted gift, clothes and trinket shops, a stunning art gallery and some lovely places to sip on a chai latte (if that’s what you’re into, like my mother is!). I simply must insist that you make the trip!

Bookshop - Borders will satisfy you if your idea of a bookshop is that it should be like a grocery store. If you prefer something a little more organic, down to earth and smells like books and not coffee I suggest the Greville Street Book Store in Prahran or the Brunswick Street Bookstore in Brunswick Street. They are perfect to relax in at the end of a long day.

Craft shop- My favorite for visiting with friends and family is Kis It Better in Greville Street, Prahran. This shop has delicate, stunning and has very reasonably priced, ribbon, fabrics and sewing accessories that will add a striking finishing touch to your current craft endeavor or inspire your next!

Markets - Prahran Market is perfect for a fresh bunch of flowers, a little cupcake and some fresh figs. If you want to experience a classy little market without going into the heart of the city and being overwhelmed by choice and people I assure you that Prahran Markets is the market for you.

Art gallery – of course the National Gallery of Victoria on St Kilda Road is a standout. But honestly, we sometimes rush through to get to the gift shop because it contains some really wonderfully inspiring design pieces and books. Also, Gallery 696 on Sydney Road, Brunswick, is wonderful for some contemporary independent art and design pieces, if you prefer less fine art orientated galleries. You can also purchase a lot of the art at really reasonable prices. I’m sure you will here me talk about this Gallery a lot in the future as it is doing really wonderful things for the promotion of young local talent.

Bake a cake - At the end of the day, buy some organic ingredients from Macro Wholefoods Market and, bake a lovely cake to share over some chai tea you bought from Darriwill Farm store in Mailing Road. We made this white chocolate mud cake. It was simply divine!

I hope you enjoy! I always struggle to think of things to do with friends and family when they visit, because there is just sooo much to do, I hope this helps you!

love manderlee