Saturday, May 30, 2009

whip up round up MAY 09 (D)

Weekends are already so hectic here, with kids sport and activities
taking up the whole of Saturday morning - school working bees or
cleaning the house filling in the remainder of Saturday - which leaves
only Sunday to get anything done - gardening, mending, general
household maintenance - when is a girl supposes to craft?

Anyway just received the latest mixtape zine in the mail -
and there is a little article from me in there about crafting with
kids - love the cover and there is a handy little pullout calendar
too. Also Ina
sent me this link to Melanie
Falick books
- where Larissa - author of the fab book knitalong is
organising a charity knitting event.

Here is the lowdown of the good stuff from this past week at whipup:

I loved this mother
helping out her artist son
: and these knitted corset
chair covers
are fantastic - there is a pattern too : contributor
Kelly sent in this
on an easy way to make your own fabric labels : craftzine
shares how to organise your families
: mrXstitch - is my
blog of the week : and the marble
champ quilt pattern
has got to be my pattern of the week.

Just for fun: Ann Wood shares her horse making
technique : mmm homemade body
- good enough to eat : and something to eat - homemade
: crochet
a merfish necklace

recycle with flair: candy
wrapper belt
sleeves to capris
so clever.

babies: tie
motif bib
- very cute : puzzle
bib is fantastic : make a sitting cat or bunny softie

just because you need it: patchwork
button pouch
: laptop
: patchwork
: book review - sew what
: sew a placemat
zipper pouch

Well I am off to enjoy the last sunshine of May and sneak in some
weekend sewing - happy crafty weekend!

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