Sunday, May 31, 2009

mixtape - giveaway monday #2

This weeks giveaway is a "Saucy Apron" pattern courtesy of Made By Miffy. Lou from Made By Miffy lives life in FULL COLOUR and this shows in everything she does. So the question for the week is:
Q What is the best thing you could cook up in a saucy apron?
Leave your answer in the comment section of this post and we will announce the winner next Saturday June 6, good luck!!

ABOUT MADE BY MIFFY (as told directly from Lou hereself)
Miffy is my nickname - comes from my porn star name - remember that game back in the 90s? First pet and street name? Mine was Miffy Devon. Cool. I get my inspiration and best business advice from Dr Seuss... "If you never did you should, these things are fun and fun is good." and "Today was good, today was fun. Tomorrow is another one!" There's something in those for all of us don't you think?!
I have started a group called where peeps can post pics of aprons, share apron tutorials, participate in apron swaps and competitions, etc. It is just kicking off but welcoming all helpers so we can 'take over the world, one kitchen at a time"

This week is dedicated to all the QLD peeps! Brisbane is so god damn supportive of mixtape I have decided to feature QLD crafters all week. Justine