Friday, May 8, 2009

mixtape mashup #8 MAY 09

mixtape and Whipup's joint venture, we both share our ideas, cool links and general goings on.

Like Kathreen from whipup I missed a week of writing the mixtape mashup. The week prior I had spent in Brisbane working my mixtape magic at the Stitches & Craft show. Talking to people for 8 hours a day takes it's toll on you after 5 days! Anyhow I felt like a week was needed to recharge my batteries and now here I am back and ready to play!
One of my customers at the show actually found out about mixtape via whip up - so it's nice to know someone is reading!

Madeline Stamer who designed Issue 8's cover is having an exhibition in Bendigo - read more about it here.
I now have an intern! can you believe it?!! Her name is Manderlee and part of her job is to look around this wonderful online craft community and report back her cool findings. Her first photographs for mixtape will appear in Issue 10 in an article on the Threadden girls.
For this week my two top finds are:
PedroSprout - Michelle's little baby shoes are KILLERS
madebymaisie - Catherine's dolls are beautifully made and I love that they all have their own names/personalities

mixtape is now an official business subscriber to my most favorite station here in Melbourne town RRR.
The family and I spent Friday afternoon in Basement Disc's seeing The Wagons play live, have you heard them? Well their song "Love me like I love you" is hands down the song of the year for me.

I'm currently reading the charismatic Russell Brand's - My Booky Wook
I've also pre-ordered Soulemamas and Amy Carols upcoming crafty numbers.
I popped into the AMAZING Metropolis Books yesterday and they are down to ONE copy left of mixtapezine 8, YAY!!

I also purchased a children's book called, "Rosie's Walk" for a birthday present. Rosie's Walk was one of MY favourites as a kid, do you remember it?

DON'T FORGET ..... Issue 9 is available for pre-sale NOW