Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BrisVEGAS Stitches & Craft DAY 1

OK so I woke up in a grump and I should have gone back to bed and stayed there!
The day got worse before it got better.
I left a key to my locker at the apartment so I had to leave the show and walk back (15 min) to get it. While I was back picking up the key I got stuck in the lift for A HALF AN HOUR. I was with 6 other people and I had to use all my mind power and deep breathing techniques not to have a fricken panic attack. There was a 3 year old little boy named Jet who I focused on and talked to and mucked around with to keep myself grounded!! It was scary at the time, but a good story none the less!!
Luckily the whole time I was gone I had the wonderful Samantha minding my stall, my savior!

I got back to the show eventually and the first customer I chatted to was the lovely Courtney.

Charlotte made this bag from an old monopoly set! How fantastic is it? We had a great chat and off she went to watch Handmade Nation! She came back and saw me afterwards all inspired! I love this kinda stuff!

My next visitors were two school girls that had come to the show on an excursion.

Chanel & Lilli had spent some time in the reconstruction zone and made headbands!
Their energy was infectious and my day got better.

I spent time chatting with Kelley from Peppermint, she is just as divine as I had hoped.
We will be sharing some love around in future issues of both mags which I am very excited about.

OK so that was DAY 1. Tomorrow I'll work my way down the incubator section and talk about all the peeps.