Monday, January 19, 2009

preparing for our stall

(mixtapezine stall as drawn by my man!)

mixtapezine will be represented at the upcoming Stitches & Craft Show in Melbourne March 11-15 this year. Sime and I took a trip (with the little one in tow) to Ikea this morning. We purchased some items to make a start on our stall. Mixtape is going to be in the "indie" section of the show. It is all coming together nicely.

(lots and lots of good images to put in these beauties)

Have you ever been to the S&C Show? What did you think? Let me tell you that it's gonna be worth spending a whole day (OR two) at. So many WICKED things to do and see. You'll still have all the traditional stuff and LC are throwing some new, modern and very exciting things into the mix! We will talk more and more about it leading up to the show.