Friday, December 19, 2008

4x4 #5 Rohan Anderson

Those of you who have the first two issues of mixtape would have seen and read my 4x4 interviews.
I really like reading about creative souls, so we have decided to make it a regular blog post.
Rohan and I worked together for a while and he is like my little brother. I think he has amazing talent and his photo's just engulf me. He has also written some reviews for mixtape.

1. What is the name of your blog, and how did you come up with it?
I'm not a crafty lady....but here goes!

The Daybook Exchange
This is such a rock and roll answer. My lovely Kim bought me a 'Lost Vogue' book which has heaps of photos and story's that never made it into the old Vogue magazines from it's inception to recent times.
In the forward somewhere I saw the words Day Book, as a reference to a diary or an organiser I guess. Well I figured the blog was about what I see through my lens day to day and I wanted a platform to exchange ideas and creative thinking.
Don't tell anyone I read Vogue, can we edit this so it looks like I read 'Boars & Babes' or 'Guns & Ammo'?...

2. FOUR random songs on your ipod
I'm going to put my iPod on Shuffle and see what comes up.
This Is How - Neon Love
Unstoppable - Santagold
Love and Communication - Cat Power
The Most Beautiful Girl (in the room) - Flight of the Concords

3. FOUR favorite books/movies

The Picture of Dorian Grey - Oscar Wilde
The Sword of Shannara - Terry Brooks (I'm proud of this one)
Good Omens - Terry Prachet
Nikon D3 Owners Manual - (The most reading I've ever done)
Blow Up - Michelangelo Antonioni/ David Hemings/Vanessa Redgraves. This movie is hard work to watch but its a brillant look at the swingin sixties in London.
American Graffitti - George Lucas makes the early 60's in America look so dang cool
Two Days in Paris - July Delpy/Adam Goldberg. July Delpy, what a master at story telling and clever humour. And Adam Goldberg's charecter and I seem to have a few things in common.
Take The Money and Run - Woody Allens masterpeice. Be sure to have a spare pair of knickers when you watch this. Seriously let yourself go.

4. FOUR things you can't live without
Kim, Helena, Tia, & Camera's

**extra** somewhere on the web we must visit NOW! ...........
Were very close to buying a house and I can't stop checking this blog everyday for inspiration