Sunday, May 18, 2008

Regular contributor profile #2

(top made by Jorth for her daughter)

Sorry it's been so long between posts! Our second profile in the series is:
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

She's a fashionista-craftster-writer-chef-gardener-prampusher extraordinaire. Jorth is also fond of telling really bad jokes, and like her mate Shannon they both crack us up!

Liesl is our resident "green gal", she has written a 10 Way's to green ... article for every issue of mixtape.

We met Liesl at the very first "blogmeet" that Nichola and I organised way back in early 2007. She is just as funny "in real Life" and we are honoured that she is a big part of mixtape.

Not sure what to make for dinner? Check out her foodie blog

(cute jean pockets made by the lady!)