Monday, May 19, 2008

Cloth nappies

In issue 1 of Mixtape Jessica Monte wrote an article called '5 Easy ways to go green with your new baby'. In this article she discusses gDiapers, a brand of flushable diapers available in the US, these flushable nappies/diapers are also available from Tasmania under the name Eenee's.
Over the years of nappy changing i've used many different kinds including disposable and my own handmade cloth but i find these to be the easiest and best i've tried so far and they are much trimmer than other cloth nappies. They consist of a cloth outer with a snap in vinyl liner, you then purchase the flushable paper inserts (which look a lot like very large sanitary towels). Once used these inserts are flushed down the toilet, simple. The other way to use these nappies is to use microfibre cloths nappies and a nappy liner in place of the flushable pad. I use both and have used them with Esme before she was potty trained and now Heidi who i think looks pretty darn cute in her pink nappy!