Saturday, July 14, 2007

submission guidelines

Issue 8 March 2009 issue (due date: Dec. 10)
Issue 9 May 2009 issue (due date: Feb 10)
Issue 10 Aug 2009 issue (due date: June 10)
Issue 11 Nov 2009 issue (due date: August. 10)

The subject matter 'craft, eco/green living, parenthood, DIY and pop culture '
So, we're looking for like minded people (you don't need to have your own blog) that would like to contribute their work. We can't pay you but you will get a free copy of the zine when it's finished and a bit of a who ha in the issue about yourself.

Here's the kind of stuff we are looking for:

Single page articles
No more than 400 words, less if you have more than one image** to accompany your article
Double page articles
No more than 800 words, less if you have more than two images** to accompany your article

** All images need to be supplied as a 300dpi PDF
Subject matter
using what you have, being eco friendly
natural alternatives
parenting-natural/alternative and anything related
articles on recycling - lifestyle and craft related
book/music/film reviews
recipes/food related articles
illustrations-comic strips etc
Personal essays-could be craft/family/ecofriendly/gardening/other creative endeavours
DIY/tutorials (word articles with pictures)
Interviews with influences

Anything else you feel is within this topic range..........

Work submitted MUST be original and not have appeared elsewhere ie. a website/blog/in print etc.

We reserve the right to reuse any work submitted elsewhere for Mixtape Zine use.