Thursday, December 2, 2010

meeralee illustration


meeralee was going to be a feature artist in our next issue, and as we are not doing another issue I'd like to share her work with you on our blog!

 In her own words:
Hi! I’m Meeralee, an east-coast artist and illustrator currently residing in New Jersey. When I was young and a smaller version of myself, I would happily spend my time writing short stories and accompanying them with wild illustrations—my imagination roamed uncontrollably, as it still does years later.

As I grew older, my desires to ingest all the beauty around me and spit it back out in a different form only increased. I was determined to make the world inside of me into something more tangible: something other people could see and feel and hold.


Sushi Teacups, watercolor and ink illustrations on ceramic teacups and saucers.
Years later, I am still the same little lady who loves to get lost inside her own head. My illustrations are always lined with a tangible magic: fashion illustrations that combine plants and animals, ladies who take root with the earth, tiny birds that will follow you everywhere. 

Doris Deer and Friends, watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.

The more I illustrate, the more I find myself tempted to transform everything into watercolor and ink—words, feelings, atmospheres, as deep as the mind can go.  As a freelance illustrator, I aspire to draw everything: fashion, music, politics, literature.

There is magic everywhere and I intend to find it.

Daughter of the Sea album cover, watercolor and ink on board.