Monday, August 16, 2010

Book Review: Quilt it with wool.


I am not usually one to judge a book by it's cover but those beautifully buttery yellow woollen hexagons sucked me in straight away. Quilt it with Wool, as the title suggests is gorgeous little collection of projects that all include a nod to quilting and the use of woollen fabrics.

It is divided into three main sections, carry, wear, live, plus a very detailed introductory section covering quilting, choosing materials, basic tools, binding and how to clean and store wool.



It starts with a detailed description of the various components required when quilting, this is followed by a very useful description of some of the various types of wool fabrics available. Other fabrics, threads and embellishments are also discussed. Basic skills that relate to the projects to come are covered and there is a very detailed description on how to bind a quilted project. Then after a paragraph on how to store wool it is into the projects.



Not surprisingly this section is all about bags, pouches and baskets. There are nine projects ranging from a beautifully shaped handbag to various pouches to hold glasses, makeup, chocolate and a laptop. There is also a makeup brush holder, a quilted cube shaped basket and a large carry bag.



Six projects make up this section, a scarf, earrings, a muff, a quilted belt, a cape and a cute little hooded baby quilt.



Another ten projects make up this section which focuses predominately on homewares. There are quilts, mobiles, table runners, cushions, hot holders, a door snake, hot water bottle cover, covered footstool and a journal cover.


Different projects incorporate different techniques including hand stitching, applique, Trapunto, felting, embellishment, embroidery and variations on traditional quilting. Some of the projects use upcycled materials like the hot waterbottle cover made from and old waistcoat


or the various options for using felted woolen jumpers or blankets. The pictures are beautiful and the diagrams clear however at times the instructions are a little limited. I suspect this is due more to a lack of space than anything else.

All relevant templates are included in the back of the book and can be photocopied as required. They are clearly labeled so it is quick and easy to see which template goes with with project and how big (if at all) you need to enlarge it when copying.

Mini bio's on each of the designers is also included at the back, including blog addresses, where I'm sure you will recognise some names.


Overall, although this book didn't wow me with it's projects there are still plenty of things I can see myself making and the ideas it has given me for different things to do with woolen fabrics more than makes up for it. The detail in the introductory section would make it suitable for someone who has never quilted or worked with wool before and the projects present enough fresh ideas/techniques/features to keep the more experienced happy too.

Quilt it with wool. Projects stitched on tartans, tweeds & other toasty fabrics.
by Nathalie Mornu
Published by Lark Books, 2010
ISBN: 9781600593895

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