Thursday, July 15, 2010

WHO -Regular Contributor - Rosie & Ruth

We are so very happy to have the SUPER CUTE Rosie & Ruth on board as our resident foodies! 
We sell their most excellent cookbook in our store.


Q1.The name of my blog
Coming soon.. in the meantime check out our website

 Q2. What's your craft poison
Concocting healthy and delicious vegan recipes [antidotes]!
Other antidotes include dabbling in procrastination, sewing and art.
Q3. Two books you can't live without
 Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar and Yoga in Action: A Preliminary Course by Geeta S Iyengar because I use them daily.

Q4. Two CD's that would travel to a desert island with you
 That's too hard to answer…. Probably a CD version of a mix tape, one that includes an audio book on how to survive on a desert island (with tips on swimming, edible wild plants etc)

Q5. Where do you like to SURF on the net
 I have a surfing addition – I surf the waves of my gmail archive, interviews with Charlie Rose, food blogs including a friend's new blog “my darling lemon thyme”:".

Q6. 5 things you can't live without
 Wearing [toe socks] while riding a [fancy bike] and coming home [kissing cats] and having a [good night's sleep]
Peace, health and happiness can be merged to include the fifth (but most important) thing.

Q7 One thing you love about mixtape
 Mixtape has rekindled the dormant crafter in me! Thank you Mixtape! xo



Q1.The name of your blog
Well it's not a blog (that's on it's way...) but our website resides here

Q2. What's your craft poison
Do cooking and design count as crafts? If not I'm super keen to learn how to knit this winter as I'm becoming an Auntie for the first time and can see lots of hand knitted booties in my future!

Q3. Two books you can't live without
The Edmonds cookbook - it's been the New Zealand family cooking bible for 90 odd years and has seen over 50 new editions, perfect for simple scones and pikelets, a tattered and torn spiral bound copy has been in my Mum's kitchen since as long as I can remember. Maggie's Harvest by Maggie Beer is a beautifully designed and written cookbook filled with hundreds of pages of useful cooking tips and delicious recipes. It comes wrapped in a lovely embroidered cover and it's extra special too me as it was a gift from some of my favorite friends.

Q4. Two CD's that would travel to a desert island with you
I would ask my boyfiend Mike and my friend Armeda to make me a mixtape each: they both have great, albeit quite different, tastes so I'd leave it in their capable hands.

Q5. Where do you like to SURF on the net
I like to scour ebay and etsy for vintage clothes and knick knacks, and I also spend a fair bit of my spare time checking out cooking and design blogs for inspiration.

Q6. 5 things you can't live without
The crazy bunch of people known to me collectively as friends and family, Good music, Good Wine, Italian Food and a Gas stovetop.

Q7. One thing you love about mixtape
That it grew from a laser printed zine into the quality publication it is today gaining a dedicated following along the way. Something to aspire to.