Monday, May 10, 2010

Banging on about those Wagon boys again...


Crafty Peeps - check out these TWO awesome bands:

Both bands are holding hands and warming us up this winter with some hot, hot shows.
Wagons performances have  become legendary; there aren’t many bands who
can live up to the veracity and vivaciousness of a Wagons live show. Not many, that is, aside from Those Darlins...

Nashville’s Those Darlins take the pop, country and rock and roll of their hometown and spin it into something fresh and totally new – pop songs with Southern charm and a DIY punk-rock mentality. Their Dolly Parton style sing-a-long choruses are perfectly matched to the bravado and swagger of Wagons.

After recently meeting the Darlins in the US, Wagons are confident they have met their live music match.  To say this tour will be entertaining is an understatement.

We'll be at the Melbourne gig and we have a couple of tickets to give away also.  I will announce the comp later in the week. 

you can purchase them from here