Friday, April 2, 2010

kathreen whips 'em up

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Mini Quilts have been around for over 100 years, and served a couple of different purposes. They were a fun way for young girls to learn how to sew, sewing simple quilt designs for their dolls. They also were also a great educational tool that mothers and grandmothers could make for their children and grandchildren – these often had letters or motifs appliqued or embroidered onto them. Mini quilts are still made today, as teaching/learning tools and as play things. And now added to these two uses comes a third – as pieces of contemporary art.

In this month of April, WHIP UP will be showcasing various artists who work with mini quilts as their main medium, as well as makers and quilters who just happen to make mini quilts because they can, because its a fun and its a quick way to get creative, and because making mini quilts is surprisingly satisfying. In this month of mini quilts you will find links to free online patterns and tutorials, and generally all things mini and quilty.

some wicked links here to get you rolling - addiction forming...