Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new japaneese goodness


Yeah it's nothing new, but boy do they know how to make you want to get inside the book and make the settings your reality!
I was checking out blogs a few weeks ago and Gina had written about this book. I quickly went to etsy and purchased a copy. I love love Machine Made patchwork 1&2 and this one could easily be Machine Made Patchwork 3! Thanks for the link Gina.



New Tunes arrived in the post today purchased from JB online. and I am currently giving my ipod a makeover.

new tunes

Issue 12 is selling very well and don't foget you can still get Issue 9&10 for $5 each.Kids Issue out April 18.

Nat who did the cover for Issue 12 has just launched their NEW spunky website - check it.