Sunday, February 21, 2010

packing for post (Issue 12 has left the building)

snack time for hungry work

On Saturday we had a production line happening here at mixtapezine headquarters. Two of my girlfriends and I spent about 3 hours packing, stamping & checking all pre-sales, subscriptions, promo and retail orders for Issue 12.

the chicks!! what a help

We've all worked for record companies back in the day so we are not shy when it comes to mass mailouts - what with good company, some food and loud music - who wouldn't want to come and help out?

start of retail pack up

Our lounge room became the postal room for the day and we couldn't see the couch by the end of it!

Thanks to all who have ordered Issue 12 so far - please allow 5 days (AUS) and 10 days (O/S) to get your order. If you do not have it after that please email me and I will chase up asap.

The Kids Issue (April 18) is nearly ready to go to the proof reader - you know a girl has gotta keep her self occupied right up until baby wants to meet the world, hey?