Friday, January 8, 2010

Craft Leftovers Monthly Review


Most crafty people I know, myself included, have over the years amassed quite a collection of stuff. Stashes filled with bundles of fabric, yarn, notions, beads, buttons, twisted little bundles of pipe cleaners.... I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Then hiding within this stash is another stash. This is the stash that consists of all the little bits and pieces leftover from various projects, tiny scraps of fabric, half a ball of wool, odd buttons, scraps of paper etc that we have no idea what we will do with but can't throw it out. If this sounds remotely like you then you need Craft Leftovers Monthly.

This is a cute little zine which is put together by Kristen Roach. Despite it's teeny little handbag friendly size is packed chock full of crafty goodness. That's not even the best bit. The entire zine it devoted to helping you use up all those little leftovers you have about the place whether they be traditional craft items or something you've just fished out of the recycling.

In the Dec/Jan issue you will find heaps of inspiration to get crafty. Maybe you feel like making a spa set to pamper you or someone you know, knit a teeny little jumper, crochet a loofa sponge or try your hand at paper quilling. Now after all that crafting you are probably a tad hungry. How about some raspberry scones and a cup of chai tea? There is lots of other stuff like interviews, more recipes, a word find, and lots of great articles on a variety of topics.

If you haven't seen Craft Leftovers before then what are you waiting for, go get yourself a copy and while you are there check out her site and shop for lots of quick projects, mini zines, patterns and kits.