Friday, December 4, 2009

Indie Publishing Stories

(Issue 11's article by Suzy Small on "How to make a Coin Quilt" - image from Sister D)

The amazing Sister Dianne has started a series of posts highlighting "Indie Publishers" and she has featured us!! Check out the post here.
The whole reason mixtape started back in 2007 was because of CROQ - and guess what? finally a new issue due out soon (Heather has had two children in between trying to run CROQ - I totally get it!)
My all time favorite magazine is BUST and an independent magazine I totally admire is Worn Journal - inspirational stuff! They print 3000 each print run (2 x a year) and us here at mixtape are making 3000 our goal by the end of 2010. The first issue in February 2010 will see us printing 2000 copies :) of each issue (5 issues in 2010).