Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Post : Jo (JellyBaby)

Hi I'm Jo, auther of a little blog called jelly baby, mum to three pre-schoolers, wife to one, and crafty tinkerer. I have a lovely collection of Japanese craft books, so I was very excited to receive the latest offering from make good : crafts + life, Carefree Clothes for Girls, a Japanese craft book that has been beautifully translated into English.

When Justine asked me to share this newly released book with you, I knew that I couldn't just show you the book without first having a dabble at sewing a pattern or two from it myself.

I chose to make the White Cotton and Flower Print Sundress and as I sewed I kept discovering charming little details that, as the author had promised, added fanciful charm and practical playfulness. As I added each one I found myself more and more delighted with each touch; the lace around the hem, the silver thread stitching around the armholes and pocket, and the "pleasing patchwork" pocket {for collecting that perfect rock or shell perhaps?). It all added to such a charming sewing experience.

On a more practical note, the pattern that I chose was worded clearly,easy to identify and trace from the master pattern sheet, and most importantly for me, the diagrams explained all that I needed to know to sew the garment.

This book is so beautiful to look at, and better yet, so easy to understand; all in all a lovely sewing experience.