Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Love and Hates with the Intern

Oh how I have missed going on little adventures, both phy
sically and virtually, to find little places and things to let you know about! University is over forever for me and I'm a little lost in the vast expanse that is the rest of my life. "What to do! what to do?" all the little graduates scream...?!

A blog will do for now!

This week the intern is loving:

Grumpy’s Green - An environmentally and ethically conscious lounge bar (pub)! It’s vegetarian and semi-organic!

Hand bound - I recently made my own hand stitched book to present a photographic body of work in. I stole inspiration from this blog.

•Buying her first crochet needle - Now I just need to learn how to crochet. Are there any good blog’s out there that can help?

(Will i ever be able to crochet like this?)

•Graduating- Finishing her degree and having time to live her life and fully embrace working with Mixtape!

Silhouette SD Digital Cutting Tool Silhouette SD Digital Cutting Tool and the EZ Cut Roller Cut Machine– I’m waiting for the EZ Cut Roller Cut Machine to come out at Lincraft. I’m going to paint the city with stencils when I get one!

•Jasmine - In full bloom in the backyard

•The whole of Gertrude Street, Fitzroy: great for vintage boutique's (where I bought these lovely sunglasses) and Dr Follicles Barber Shop where my partner gets his hair very stylishly chopped. And the street twitters!

Intern hates:

•Moving out of her place and putting everything in storage

•The jasmine in the backyard giving her hay fever

•Not knowing how to crochet

Sending big interny love!