Friday, September 11, 2009

Loves and Hates

This week the Intern is loving:

  • Knitta: Knitta is a small group of ladies and a boy who ‘graffiti’ knitted fabrics on public items such as street signs, monuments, and utility poles.

  • Casio calculator watches: I was the child at school who was busy looking out the window or doodling pictures, so grammar and math bewilder me, so I thank god for spell check and this watch.

  • The Weather: The Intern is using the 'slightly' warmer weather as an excuse to buy some new cute dresses, shorts and a jumpsuit from Rummage Style.

  • Locally designed and printed fabrics: Oh how very patriotic of me! My very very favorites are Lara Cameron and Bianca van Meeuwen (Hollabee).

Intern is not loving:

  • Random acts of hair: Finding a hair in her fancy meal at a fancy expensive restaurant.

  • Pests: Aphids annihilating her cauliflower plants. Can anyone help me with this?

Big Intern love xxxx