Friday, August 7, 2009


I turned on my computer this morning and went straight to bloglines. I have not check blogs all week so I had lots of goodness to swim in! Firstly - a store I would like to visit in person, "Fancy Tiger Crafts" features crafters each week and to my surprise I knew this weeks Better Know A Crafter! Jenny Rosalky is my mother in laws best friend and she is also very dear to me. Sime and I got married in Jenny's back yard - and it was Jenny who slapped me (literally) when I arrived to walk down the isle ( to marry Sime) and was so nervous about walking through 100 friends I said to Jen - I CAN'T DO THIS - we should have eloped! Anyhow Jenny worked her magic and off I went - and the rest is history!
So it was the coolest to find her smiley face starring back at me this morning.

Another dear friend of mine has a sweet little article written about her.

Also Kirsty who NEVER fails to impress me has made the coolest spool holder:

Listening:Willie & the Wheel
Reading: Tupperware manuals
Watching:Entourage S6 - I looove Ari

Sydney Peeps - I'm looking forward to meeting you all in a weeks time :) Seriously!! I love to chat (and listen)! Come past, introduce yourself and hangout. You just gotta watch Handmade Nation while you are at the show - 'cause it's the only way your gonna get to see it! (well until it comes out on dvd).
Issue 10 is now being printed YIPPPPEEE!! and I need to hem the mixtape tea-towels and we are all good to go.