Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slow food

Somehow, god knows, I was blessed with culinary skills. My mothers’ cooking was unadventurous, as my fathers idea of food is meat and three veg. So we hardly strayed from that grounding point, occasionally I’d see a sheet of pasta or wave of soup. Moving out of
home gave me a new lease on food. I was able to be a vegetarian, much to my father’s disgust and disapproval, and find my culinary feet.

This week i decided to send a care package to my siblings. Sort of like what wives and girlfriends sent their men in the war. My parents are away and my brother’s culinary skills range so far as putting hot water on noodles, and my sisters are as good as causing a house fire from letting the oil burn when cooking prawn crackers. I made them a delightfully child inspired rocky with red frogs and marsh mellows and Anzac biscuits to keep them from eating one another. The utter delight i had from hearing them munching on the goodies down the phone line was enough to make my heart burst.

Have you ever heard of the slow food revolt? It's
'a revolt against the fast pace forced on us by industrial civilization, specifically fast-food culture'. I guess It is part of why i love cooking so much, not some much because I'm a lady. Go and read up about it, it's quiet inspiring.

Some of my favourite recipe books and blog’s:

Gourmet Vegetarian by Jane Price- Really hearty easy vegetarian food, this is where i get most of my dinner party ideas from.

Butter, Sugar, Flour- A cooks book of baking- Everything you could ever want to bake from anzac biscuits to Peacan and Coffe Biscotti

The Cupcake Deck By Elinor Klivans
- Cupcakes that lo
ok too sexy to eat. - A blog about vegan/vegetarianism and it's ups and downs

pennylanekitchen - For pictures to inspire your inner chef.

Scones and Tea on Sunday

Also, I’ve decided, it’s okay to eat the whole cake if you baked the whole cake.

Chocolaty love from the Intern.