Monday, August 10, 2009

Out of the corner of my eye

I feel in love,
I spotted it out of the corner of my eye as we drove past.
I knew it had to be mine.
It was coming home with me.

So last weekend I hired a trailer and off I drove into the country on a lovely Saturday morning, the sea and the fresh air beckoning me. You see weeks before I had spotted an art deco sideboard in an op-shop out in the country for $30. Even though it had a thick coating of dust and grime I knew that there was incredibly beauty beneath. The thing was too heavy for the little lovely old op-shop ladies and myself to carry, so we had to rouse up the help of some builder’s next door. Copious amounts of cardboard, rope and tarpaulin later and I was heading back down the highway sideboard in tow. Miraculously I got the thing out of the trailer on my own and into the shed. I sat in front of it and admired its beauty and I soon noticed a little Australian made symbol whilst pursing its cupboards.

“Australian made huh?” thought I, “this must be pretty old”.
Isn’t that a sad thought?

One thing that spurs my spirit within the whole craft revolution is the Australian made aspect.

I met Suzanne from the Lumina Fibre Arts Gallery in Melbourne, an absolutely amazing women who I will talk about more in the future, who has endeavored successfully to get her shops products certified Australian Made and Owned. Her shop stocks over 200 local crafters and artists work and is a true kaleidoscope of skill and range. The sneaky bonus is that it is all made in Australia. How lovely for the soul, environment, Australian economy and for our local talent.

So this week endeavor to only buy Australian Made and Owned. It’s pretty hard. Especially when grocery shopping. Goodluck!

Love from the Intern.