Friday, July 3, 2009

whip up and mixtape do a dance!

Its been a busy week in some ways - last week of the school term - lots of social stuff going on for the kids - preparing for the school holidays. But its been quiet for me at work - I took a couple of days off to work on some projects at home. Didn't get much done - but its been nice anyway - some baking - I have been surfing the food blogs and my new favourite food blogs are joy the baker and smitten kitchen - I made the sugar cookies and the lemon cake - both turned out perfectly and we had chicken dumpling stew too - very very good.

Whipup has been busy too ... We have a story on recycled and upcycled alternative yarns from etsy sellers : Thinking of making yourself some lovely swimwear this summer - here's how (why not make your own knickers too while you are about it) : a new magazine on the scene for textile lovers : gearing up for the holidays - here are some activities to keep your kids occupied :

A bit of embroidery and paper: embroidery on paper : paper cutwork : tissue flowers : this paper flower for card making is super cute :

Doing some knitting and crochet : try this adorable froggy pattern : I love the ring tailed lemur : knitted crustacean is too cute : crochet stash basket is lovely.

For the littlies : little princess : we are gearing up for vintage baby knits blog tour - see the schedule and win a book : travel pillow for your darlings.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

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