Sunday, July 26, 2009

party action and inspiration

Last night mixtape & incube.8r had a joint 2nd birthday. We had a great turn out and the music WAS 100% spot on. When I got home and reflected on the night, I felt almost teary about the peeps that I have met/crossed paths with since mixtape begun early 2007.
The whole reason mixtapeZINE began was because of my obsession with craft/art blogs. After I had our first born (04) I found craft blogs and the transition from working woman to mother was a much gentler transition (thanks to blogging). I felt connected and inspired to try lots and lots of new things.

mixtapeZINE takes up alot of my waking hours and blog surfing has taken a back seat over the past year. I had a thought today that I want to take the time to go back to my roots (so to speak) and actively check out blogs for a short time each day, they are after all the life blood of mixtapeZINE.

(image taken from Hula Seventy's blog)
One such person that I have followed since I first started blogging in 2005 is Andrea from hula seventy. Andrea has written for mixtape and I have also profiled her in earlier issues. We got the latest issue of uppercase in the mail a couple of weeks ago and the whole reason I bought it in the first place is because Andrea writes for them! We subscribe to uppercase - it's worth every cent.

Tell me what your favourite blog/s are? I am looking for some newbies and would love your recommendations.

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