Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melbourne Weekly

Yesterday I got an email from a friend saying,

You didn't tell me you were a cover girl!

Nice pictures in the melbourne times. And on the cover? I haven't managed that one yet. You're a star! Can I have your autograph?.....

and later that day from another friend, ...be glad you dyed your roots!

This one is for you mum!
The article is about the amazing zine store (and so much more) that we have here in Melbourne town called Sticky. Sticky have been very supportive of mixtapeZINE from the get go- there is a lovely picture of Luke from Sticky in the inside of the mag.

Oh and I am now known as "Justine Square in size", WTF? I was so nervous doing the craft sanity interview I came out with some doosies! You have to listen to the interview to know what I am talking about! Over exposure this week for sure - but it's fun ;)